Welcome to Madame Chic

Madame Chic is a place created by women for women - we want you to feel all the wonderful energy and coziness we offer our clients every day. Our primary goal is to make you feel confident and beautiful in your skin. We know that outward appearance is not the most important thing, but we believe that well-groomed nails and healthy, radiant skin are the key to a strong inner sense of self-worth. At our friendly salon, you are welcomed not only by our smile, but also by our hearts full of commitment. Our skilled team makes sure you feel comfortable and relaxed during every visit. We want your appointment with us to be a little escape from your daily worries and stresses.

About us

"I'm Ola, I'm 37 years old, happily married, and a proud mother of 2 little girls. My journey with eyelash and nail styling began in Norway.
I trained under the best instructors in Poland and worldwide. I adore interacting with people and working closely with clients. Over the years, I've built a fantastic team of specialists who will cater to your every need.
I invite you to our salon, where you'll find not just high-quality services but also an atmosphere full of warmth and relaxation. We aim to create a space where you'll feel exceptional and unwind from your daily worries.
Don't wait any longer – book an appointment now and give us a chance to take care of your appearance and well-being. We guarantee that when you leave our salon, you'll feel beautiful and confident.


Skills confirmed by many national and international certificates, many years of experience.


It is my eye of the beholder, guaranteeing disinfection and sterilisation of instruments.

Friendly atmosphere

Not only the treatments, but also the beautiful interior and delicious coffee will provide a moment of unforgettable relaxation.

Guarantee of quality

I only work with quality and tested products from reputable companies.

Services We Provide

Nail Styling

Whether you want to take care of your natural nail plate or you want to extend your nails, we're here to fulfill all your dreams. Brittle and fragile nails - we'll nourish and strengthen them. Do you bite your nails or have very short ones? We'll extend them.
Do you like classic French or prefer fancier designs? We answer YES to every wish :)

Podology Treatment

Are you tired of constant foot pain? Ingrown nails or cracked heels keep you awake at night? Whether you struggle with calluses, corns, ingrown nails, or dry skin on your feet - we have a solution for you.
Don't wait any longer and schedule a visit today to give relief to your tired feet. Our team will convince you that your feet deserve the best care!

Eyelash Styling

Do you have straight lashes that are barely visible? Did you know they can be beautifully curled for 6 weeks? Do you have short lashes that you'd like to lengthen? Or perhaps you prefer a natural look, avoiding mascara in the morning?
We can handle any of these tasks. We'll select the right styling to enhance your beauty.

Eyebrow Styling

Do only celebrities have beautiful, thick, and perfectly shaped eyebrows? Now, each of us can look like a fashion icon! Thanks to our experienced specialists, you can forget about daily pencil drawing or using gel. We'll provide you with a natural effect that not only emphasizes your beautiful appearance but also saves you time in the morning before leaving home.
Don't waste any more time struggling with imperfections - schedule your eyebrow styling session today and feel like a true star!

Facial Treatments

The facial treatments we offer are not just moments of relaxation but also effective solutions for your skin. Indulge in luxurious masks, nourishing peels, and revitalizing massages to feel beautiful both inside and out. Whether you need hydration, rejuvenation, or skin cleansing, our experienced cosmetologists will provide you with a personalized approach and excellent results. Let us take care of your face and make treatments your favorite time of the day.
Discover the power of our facial treatments and feel the difference today!


Unwanted facial hair can significantly lower our self-confidence. That's why we're here to help you get rid of it at any time. We perform facial threading, an extremely precise technique for removing hairs using thin threads.
Thanks to this treatment, you'll get beautiful, perfectly shaped eyebrows and a defined jawline. But we also have wax for those interested ;)

What our clients say

"I highly recommend this salon!"

I've never had my eyebrow henna done better with an adjustment. I go regularly for manicures and always reliable. The girls make sure every customer feels comfortable with them.

"I sincerely recommend a visit!"

I recommend! The place is very cozy and Ms. Ola is very nice and competent. Manicure in truth was done carefully and quickly. I will definitely be back!

"The perfect salon in Wilanow"

The girls are open to customers, to their ideas, suggestions and do everything with care. If they think something won't work or won't succeed they say so openly.

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